Amazing Knowledge Of London Transport


While Sharon was away with her boyfriend, Tracy took a trip into London for the day. Tracy was quite excited as her Stilettos had not trodden the Smoke before. She took the train to Liverpool Street and her first attraction on her itinerary was Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. Puzzled and perplexed trying to interpret the Underground map, she saw a Policeman and decided to ask for help and directions.

“Excuse me officer,” Tracy said, pointing at the tube map. “Can you tell me the directions to get to Tower Bridge please?”

The Copper replied “Well miss. It’s probably easier if you get a bus. If you wait at that bus stop across the road for the number 43 bus, it will take you straight there.” Tracy thanked the Officer and they parted company.

Some three or four hours later, the Policeman was returning from his patrol past the train station and saw Tracy waiting at the bus stop. He crossed the road and asked “Excuse me miss. Why are you still waiting here? The number 43 bus should have been here by now. We met over three hours ago. What’s taking so long?” Tracy replied “Oh, don’t worry Officer. It won’t be long now. The 38th bus has just left.”

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