Back To School After Christmas


The children go back to school after Christmas and are asked by their teacher Miss Phillips what they received from Father Christmas.

"I got a brum, brum." says one little boy. But the teacher is cross and tells him he's not a baby and should use the grown up and correct names for things. "Sorry Miss, I got a car." he said.

"Well done. That's better Bobby. How about you, Tracy. What did you get?" said Miss Phillips.

"I got a woof woof." said Tracy. Again the teacher had to remind the class to use proper words. "Sorry Miss Phillips, I got a puppy and we called him Treacle." Tracy replied.

Miss Phillips is happy how the class is going and asks Little Jonny what he had as a present. Little Jonny hesitates because he doesn't want to get it wrong and make teacher cross with him.

"I, er, got a book." he stuttered.

"Well done." Miss Phillips congratulated Jonny with a smile. "And what was it called?" she continued.

"Winnie The Shit, Miss."