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This is our Joke of the Day category. The featured funnies from the Editors from past and present. These are the ditties that have brought a bigger than average smile to our face. Not necessarily restricted to one a day, this category selection is a tribute to British Humour and a wish that you'll laugh out loud too.

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Chinese Refuse Collection

The refuse collection lorry stops outside the local Chinese restaurant. Finding no rubbish outside....

Cheese Factory Explosions

Did you hear about the explosions at the French cheese factory last night....

Maternity Dress Present

I went to Mothercare this morning to buy my girlfriend a maternity dress as a present....

Little Red Riding Hood’s Surprise Encounter

It was Friday and it was the day of the week when Little Red Riding Hood would make her weekly visit to Grandma, across and through to....

Lucy Wants A Little Attention

There s this young couple, Louise and Peter and they ve been married for about a year and the bride isn t getting any sex. Just about every night Peter comes home, has a shower, gets changed and goes down to the pub.

National Health Service Reform

As part of her campaign to reform the National Health Service, Theresa May was making a surprise inspection of a provincial Hospital. She was....