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This is our Joke of the Day category. The featured funnies from the Editors from past and present. These are the ditties that have brought a bigger than average smile to our face. Not necessarily restricted to one a day, this category selection is a tribute to British Humour and a wish that you'll laugh out loud too.

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National Health Service Reform

As part of her campaign to reform the National Health Service, Theresa May was making a surprise inspection of a provincial Hospital. She was....

Emotional Fancy Dress Themed Party Ideas

A man decides to have a party and invites lots of people, telling them to bring their friends. On the invitation he puts "Theme Party Come as a Human Emotion"....

Stevie Wonder Jazz Chord

Stevie Wonder on a word wide tour and is playing his first gig in Tokyo....

Geordie Hotdog Seller

I asked a Geordie hotdog seller last night for a frankfurter....


A man walks into a pub with a roll of Tarmac under his arm....

Daleks World Invasion Thwarted At Salisbury

Two Daleks are challenged by London Transport personnel while trying to board bus to Salisbury in Wiltshire.