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This is our Joke of the Day category. The featured funnies from the Editors from past and present. These are the ditties that have brought a bigger than average smile to our face. Not necessarily restricted to one a day, this category selection is a tribute to British Humour and a wish that you'll laugh out loud too.

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His Wife Seems To Be On A Lucky Streak

Dave and Linda have been married seven years and that little itch needed scratching. Arriving home one evening after work and flashing a new diamond ring, Dave asked Linda suspiciously where she had attained the ring.

Hot Air Ballooning Or Sex Education

The village local doctor was asked to give a talk on sex education to the girls at the local high school. Knowing his wife was a bit of a prude, he told her he was speaking on hot-air ballooning.

Lucy Wants A Little Attention

There s this young couple, Louise and Peter and they ve been married for about a year and the bride isn t getting any sex. Just about every night Peter comes home, has a shower, gets changed and goes down to the pub.

The Waiter’s Spoon

My mate Eric went to a busy restaurant and sat down at the only empty table. As he sits down, he accidentally knocks the dessert spoon off the table with his elbow. The waiter immediately produces a spoon from his pocket and places it on the table.

Jonny And Mary Play Doctors And Nurses

Mary's mother drags eight year old Jonny home by the scruff of his neck and tells his mother that he was caught playing doctors and nurses with Mary, her eight year old daughter.

Failed Haunted House Exorcism

Did I tell you that after buying my first house, I found out it was haunted? I hired the best exorcist and because he was so expensive, we agreed I pay him monthly in £1,000.00 installments.