Jew, Hindu And Scouser Need Accommodation

A Jew, a Hindu and a Scouser are on a car journey when the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. As it's pitch black, they decide to try and find a room for the night and fix the car in the morning. The only place they come across is a farm.

Indecisive Dress Code For Tax Man Interview

My mate Ian received a letter yesterday ordering him to attend the Inland Revenue tax office next Thursday for an interview about his previous year's earnings. Unsure of what to wear, he asked our other mate Stuart.

Lover Of Wife Was A Quick Thinker

A woman was having an affair with an inspector from Rentokil. One afternoon they were having sex when her husband arrived home unexpectedly. "Quick," She said to her lover. "Into the wardrobe!"

His Wife Seems To Be On A Lucky Streak

Dave and Linda have been married seven years and that little itch needed scratching. Arriving home one evening after work and flashing a new diamond ring, Dave asked Linda suspiciously where she had attained the ring.

Lucy Wants A Little Attention

There s this young couple, Louise and Peter and they ve been married for about a year and the bride isn t getting any sex. Just about every night Peter comes home, has a shower, gets changed and goes down to the pub.

The Waiter’s Spoon

My mate Eric went to a busy restaurant and sat down at the only empty table. As he sits down, he accidentally knocks the dessert spoon off the table with his elbow. The waiter immediately produces a spoon from his pocket and places it on the table.