Coach Load Of Scousers Go To Heaven


A coach load of Scousers arrive outside the Pearly Gates of Heaven. St Peter is there to welcome the coach and watches in horror as 40 Scousers get off, all permed-up, wearing Liverpool shirts and shell suits.

Just as the try to stride through the Pearly Gates into Heaven, St Pete stops them. “I’m sorry lads” says Pete “I can’t let you lot in, it’s more than me jobs worth. I’ll have to have a word with God. Wait here, I’ll be back in 5 minutes.”

So, St Peter goes into God’s office. “What is it my Son?” God asks Peter.

“Well God, this coach load of Scousers has just arrived at the Gates and they want to be let into Heaven. There must be 40 of them.”

“No chance” says God almighty. “Find the 10 most righteous Scousers, let them in and tell the other 30 to get lost.”

“Will do Boss.” says St Pete and leaves the office, returning to the Gates.

Just one minute later, St Peter bursts into Gods office, very much out of breath. “God! God!” Pete pauses for breath. “What on earth is it now, my son?” enquires God. Pete answers “They’ve gone, Master ”

“What, all 40 of them?” asks God

“No” says Pete. “The Fucking Pearly Gates!”