Essex Divorce Hearing


At a divorce hearing in Colchester, the witness was in the dock being cross examined by the plaintiffs’ barrister. He asked the witness to confirm her name as Miss Sharon Johnson of 32 St Martins Close, Colchester, Essex.

Miss Johnson confirmed her credentials and the barrister continued. “So Sharon. On the night of November 23rd last year at approximately 01.30am in the morning, in the place known as Lover’s Lane, did the defendant Robert Norris, my client’s husband, have sexual intercourse with you?”

“Yeah, he did.” whispered the Sharon, her head bowed in embarrassment.

“And on that occasion” the barrister continued “Did the defendant, to the best of your knowledge, have a climax?”

“Oh no” Sharon answered. “I fink ‘e ‘ad one of them fancy Mitsubishis.”