His Wife Seems To Be On A Lucky Streak


Dave and Linda have been married seven years and that little itch needed scratching. Arriving home one evening after work and flashing a new diamond ring, Dave asked Linda suspiciously where she had attained the ring. “Oh'” Linda said. “My boss and I played the Lotto and we won, so I bought the ring with my share of the winnings.”

A week later, she arrived home wearing a new Italian leather coat. “Where did you get that?” Asked Dave curiously.

Linda explained that she and her boss played the Lotto again and they had won for a second time. Linda said she bought the coat with her share of the winnings.

Three weeks later, Linda arrived home driving a new Ferrari. “Where the fuck did you get that from?” Asked Dave.

“You’ll never guess what? My boss and I played the Lotto and you’ll never believe it, but we won again. So I bought the car with my share of the winnings.”

That night she asked her husband to run her a nice warm bath, but when she went into the bathroom she found that the bath water was only a couple of inches deep.

“Why have you only run a little amount of water in the bath?” She asked.

“Well,” Dave mumbled sourly. “We don’t want you to get your Lotto ticket wet, do we?”