Interracial Sex Encounter With Caribbean Man


When her husband had to cancel his holiday to the Jamaica because of business commitments, his wife decided to go alone. Making the most of her freedom, she allowed herself to be seduced by a black man. After a passionate night of sex, she asked him his name.

“I’m not going to tell you,” He said ‘Because you’ll laugh.”

“No, I won’t.” Said the wife.

“You will.” Replies the guy. “Everybody does.”

Taking him by the hand, she looks into his eyes and assures him, “I won’t. I promise, honest.”

“OK, my first name is Snow.” And the woman immediately started laughing.

“I knew you’d make fun of it!” Snow said in a disgruntled voice.

“No, I’m not laughing at your name.” Consoled the wife. “It’s just that my husband won’t believe me when I tell him I’ve had ten inches of Snow every day in the Caribbean!”