Jack, Dave And I Have The Munchies After Ale


Me, Jack and Dave were on the piss last night. Oh, I don’t know, a good gallon or two of ale was consumed by each of us. Anyhow, Dave was hungry after quaffing all that beer. So we decided to stop off at the local burger joint before we got the bus home.

To set the scene, this eatery is not high on the food cleanliness ratings. Even the cockroaches are on the Gaviscon and Rennie. Anyhow, we asked Gladys for a hamburger for Jack and I. At which point, Gladys took two patties from the freezer and stuck the under her armpits.

“What the hell are you doing that for?” Exclaimed Jack, perplexed at the site. “Oh,” Said Gladys. “I’m just defrosting them for you.” At which point my mate Dave piped up “Well, you can forget my fucking hot dog!”

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