Little Jonny’s Betting Habit


A father was very upset about Little Jonny's betting habits, so went to school one morning to talk to the boy's teacher, who promised to have a word with him. Miss Williams suggested that maybe if Jonny lost heavily on a bet, it would cure him. Jonny's father agreed and the next day after school Miss Williams asked Little Jonny to stay behind and confronted him about the bad habits he was getting into.

"It's not only me, Miss." replied Jonny. "You're a cheat too. You pretend to be a natural blonde, but you've got dark hair between your legs." he exclaimed.

"Oh no I have not!" she blurted out without thinking.

"Oh yes, you have. And I'll bet you my month's pocket money that I am right."

Miss Williams was in a bit of a quandary now. She had promised to help Jonny's father and this could be an expensive bet. So Miss Williams lifted her skirt and dropped her knickers.

Having lost the bet to Jonny, she rang the boy's father to tell him the bad news. "Damn it!" Jonny's father said. "I've lost too. This morning he bet me a tenner he'd get your knickers off before the day was out."