Lucy Wants A Little Attention


There s this young couple, Louise and Peter and they ve been married for about a year and the bride isn t getting any sex. Just about every night Peter comes home, has a shower, gets changed and goes down to the pub.

Louise is getting increasingly rampant as the days go on, but each night she is disappointed as Peter comes home every night completely hammered and unfit for sexual activity.

One particular night as Peter gets in from work, Louise is seated provocatively on the sofa, wearing the skimpiest dress she has, suspenders, stockings and very sexy lace panties and bra. As is always the case, Peter comes home runs upstairs, gets ready and goes to the pub. Once again Louise is rejected, so she sits back with a bottle of Prosecco to console herself. Then at 11.00pm (well before normal) she hears Peter coming up the driveway and opening the front door. Louise re-adopts her sexually provocative pose on the sofa and to her surprise, Peter’s first words are “Right woman, get upstairs and into the bedroom.”

“YES!” she says under her breath as she runs upstairs, “This is the night, I’m gonna get some!”

When Louise reaches the bedroom, she removes her outer garments and sits on the edge of the bed in her lace panties ready for Peter, as he stomps up the stairs. Peter slams the bedroom door open he demands “Right, now get your clothes off!”

Louise doesn t need telling twice, it’s off with everything. “Now get over in front of the mirror.” says Peter.

“Kinky” she thinks “Great!”

“And do a handstand.” Says Peter.

“Oh god, I ve been waiting for this for fucking ages “thinks Louise.

Peter walks over to Louise, parts her legs and places his chin in her crotch.

“Perhaps the chaps were right.” Says Peter. “A beard wouldn t suit me!”