Not A Ba, Ba, Black Sheep Joke


A missionary was sent to live with a primitive native tribe that lived in the depths of the jungle. He spent several years with the people, during which time he taught them English, and how to read and write. He also taught them the Christian ways of the white man and one thing that he stressed in particular was the evil of sexual sin, namely no adultery and no fornication.

One day, the wife of one of the tribe’s noblemen gave birth to a child. But to everyone’s horror, the child was white. Not surprisingly, this caused a veritable stir in the village. The chief sent for the missionary and said “You have taught us the evils of sexual sin, but here is a black woman who gives birth to a white child. You are the only white man who has been in the village for many years. What is the explanation?”

The missionary said “No, my good man, you are mistaken. This is a natural occurrence, what we English call an albino. Nature does this on some occasions. For example, look at that flock of sheep. They are all white except among them, look, there is one black sheep.”

The chief thought it over for a moment, called the missionary forward, and whispered in his ear “OK. Tell you what. You don’t say anything about the black sheep, and I won’t say anything about the white child.”