Paddy Introduces Murphy To The Art Of Haggling And Negotiation


Paddy and Murphy are on holiday in North Africa, Morocco to be exact. Anyhow, they decided to hit one of the local markets to buy some gifts and souvenirs for friends and relatives. Paddy was explaining to Murphy the art of haggling, telling him how easy the process is. “Murphy,” Paddy says. “All you need to do is halve the price the trader quotes you and take it from there.”

So while in town, they pop into a market and Murphy sees a carpet that he thinks his wife would like. He asks the shopkeeper the price. “That will be 8,000.00 Dirham.” Says the vendor. Thinking what Paddy had taught him, Murphy offers 4,000.00. The shopkeeper answers Murphy, explaining that Murphy is robbing him and that he needs the sale to buy food for his family as business is slow. “Mister,” Says the shopkeeper. “You drive a hard bargain, I will sell the carpet to you for 6,000.00 Dirham.”

Murphy thinks for a short while and replies “OK, we have a deal. I’ll give you 3,000.00 Dirham!”