Paddy’s Gone Fishing But Does Not Catch A Thing


Good God fearing Irishman Paddy enjoyed nothing more than some tranquil fishing all throughout the year. So, one day he sets
off to fish. Coming across a quiet spot, he cuts a hole in the ice, sets up his chair and starts to fish. Not long has passed when he hears this loud voice that seems to echo right through him "THERE ARE NO FISH UNDER THE ICE"

Frightened, Paddy looks around but sees no one, so continues to fish. Five minutes later, the same booming voice "I TOLD YOU, THERE ARE NO FISH UNDER THE ICE"

Paddy is now really worried. He has caught no fish and thinks it might be best to leave, but is too scared to move. "I must
cut down on the Guinness he thinks."

Five more minutes pass and the voice comes again. "THIS IS THE ICE RINK MANAGER, I REPEAT THERE ARE NO FUCKING FISH UNDER THE ICE"