Postman Plays Horse and Jockey With Mum


A young boy called Peter got up to go to the toilet in the small hours of the morning. As he crept quietly past his parents bedroom, he began to hear wild moaning and loud thudding against the wall. He sneaked a peek round the bedroom door and there were his parents, caught in the act.

Before his Dad had any time to think, young Peter delightedly chirped: “Excellent! Time to play ‘Horse and Jockey!!!’ Daddy. Can I ride on your back? Can I? Please, please, please. Can I, can I, can I?”

His Dad was so relieved that he wouldn’t have to answer any awkward questions. He also thought to himself he might as well see the job through as well, that he agreed.

Peter jumped onto his Dad’s back and his Dad got back down to the task in hand, going like the clappers.

It wasn’t long before Mummy started moaning and gasping ferociously. Peter cried out, “You’d better hold on tight, Daddy! This is the moment when me and the postman usually get thrown out of the saddle!”