The Royal Potato Wedding


A very attractive female potato, eldest of three says to her father one day "Daddy, I am in love with one of the King Edwards in the other trench. He has asked me to marry him. He's proper royalty. Can I marry him?" Her father was in agreement and says yes. A year later the second eldest then also announces she is getting married. "Who to?" asks the father. The second eldest daughter discloses her intended is from the opposite trench and is one of the Jersey Royals. Knowing how his eldest potato daughter was happy in her marriage, he also agrees. Some twelve months later, the third and youngest daughter announces her intention to marry. Excited, the father again asks the name of the intended fiancé to which she replies "Des Lynam". Furious, the father proclaims his annoyance and says "No, you cannot marry Des Lynam. He's a common tater!"