Two Old School Friends Reunite And Catch Up


Helen and Patty had been at school together, not necessarily good friends but classmates. They bump into each other ten years later. Helen is a bit of a show-off and when asked how life has been treating her, she said. “Well, I can’t complain. I went for a job on an estate just outside Henley and ended up marrying the Lord of the Manor.”

“Oh, how nice,” says Patty.

Helen continued “And darling Jack encouraged me to start a stud farm and we’ve now got one of the best in southern England.”

“Oh, how nice,” says Patty.

“We’ve got two lovely boys. At Eton, of course.”

“”Oh, how nice,” says Patty.

“Anyway, listen to me blathering on! What happened to you?”

“Me? Oh,” Says Patty. “I went to finishing school after we left and learnt how to say ‘Oh, how nice’ instead of ‘Fuck you’!”

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